Do you need a Massage referral?

Great News! Massage Therapy is now available with a referral from your Physician, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor (or other qualifying regulated professional). Vantage Physiotherapy Clinic is now accepting appointments for Massage referrals. These appointments are available by telephone, virtually or in person at the clinic.


Why do I need an appointment?

If you haven't been to Vantage Physiotherapy Clinic before, a brief assessment will need to be completed by a Physiotherapist. They will review your medical/treatment history and medication list to clear you of any contraindications related to Massage and to ensure the referral is appropriate.


Is there a cost?

Yes, This appointment generally takes about 15 minutes and the fee is $50. If you have extended health care benefits this fee is eligible for direct billing. We will also accept e-transfer or credit card payments over the phone for telephone or virtual appointments.


I am attending Vantage Physiotherapy for Physiotherapy or Chiropractic care. Can I get a referral at my next appointment?

Yes, Please indicate at the time of booking, that you would also like to discuss a massage referral with your care provider.


I have attended Vantage Physiotherapy but it's been more than 30 days? Can I still get a referral?

If you have attended an appointment with us in the last 30 days, there is no cost for your referral. If you haven't attended in the last 30 days we will need to have a brief telephone or virtual appointment and there will be a $15 fee.