Are you in need of care?  Do you live in a remote area or are unable to leave your home?  Does your schedule take you away for long periods of time? TeleRehab might be the right answer for you.


Who can Benefit? 

  • - Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) clients 
  • - Post-operative care 
  • - Chronic Pain 
  • - Concussions 
  • - Acute injuries 
  • - Sick and unable to travel 
  • - Progression of current therapy programs  

How Does TeleRehab Work? 

It’s Easy! Call Vantage Physiotherapy Clinic (403.790.2229) and we can schedule an appointment for you. You will receive an email inviting you to join a video-conference call at your scheduled appointment time. 


What Technology is Required? 

A laptop or tablet gives you the best view of your practitioner but you can even use your smart phone for appointments! If you are using a laptop or computer you will need Google Chrome. It can be downloaded here ( Google Chrome ). If you are using your smart phone it will need to load on Safari.

What Kinds of Injuries Will Benefit from TeleRehab?

  • Knee Pain 
  • Hip Pain 
  • Back Pain 
  • Neck and Jaw Pain
  • Elbow Pain 
  • Shoulder Pain 
  • Post-surgical Repairs 
  • Recent Cast Removal 
  • And more…
  • If you aren’t sure please call the clinic! 
  • After completion of your online consent, you will be connected with your practitioner.
  • Assessment – A medical history, description of your symptoms, how your injury occurred (if known) and a background of your activities and lifestyle will help your practitioner assess your hisory. After you have covered basic information, your practitioner may wish to complete a visual observation involving movements, range of motion and tests that do not require hands-on contact. If available, an open space where you can move around in front of your computer or laptop is ideal. 
  • Consultation – Based on your assessment your practitioner may suggest home exercises, demonstrations of activities you can complete at home as well as corrections and recommendations as necessary. They may also provide you with printed images or program outlines for you to follow from home. 
  • Treatment Plan – Your practitioner may suggest follow-up appointments, referral to other practitioners, a home program or a combination, in order to progress your treatment program and to help you reach your goals. 
  • Extended Benefit Coverage - We have reached out to extended benefit insurance companies to find out if TeleRehab will be covered under your plan. Many of these companies have confirmed but there are a few who have not. It is the responsibility of the client to contact their insurance companies to find out if this service is covered under their plan.